Daniel L. Moisan made his first paid graphic design contract in 1988. Since then, hundreds of customers from here and elsewhere have seen their image or their campaign take shape in the imagination of this advertiser, bachelor in visual arts at Laval University.

Beyond graphic design, Moisan has created numerous campaigns and produced print, radio, TV and internet advertisements. Communication plans, public relations and new media hold no secrets for him.

Whether it's for creating a whole new image or for a simple one-hour consultation, Daniel L. Moisan has never had and will never have large or small customers. He only has big ideas for these, with the same rigor, the same professionalism and the same passion. Its mission is to do a job in their image, while giving them the right time so that the communication objectives are clear, sharp and effective.

No frills, no questions without answers, no pressure, a realistic and affordable invoice and above all: lots of fun!

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Photos, home page:
Daniel L. Moisan, Julie Voyer,
Justine Fleury, Patrice Charest