Daniel L. Moisan is a self-taught musician who masters guitar, bass, piano, drums and singing. Composing from the age of 12, it will take 20 years before he releases his first album under the name of Mosquito-B. In total, six opuses (Si je dit, Le Sparadra, Raid, Killing Mars, Use Less U, Use Less 2) have been released and a seventh (Roam In Essence) is actually in the making.

Moisan has also composed for other artists (Patrick Zabé, Elle, Ledrac).

En pleine pandémie. Mosquito-B devient Dan Moisan avec le lancement de plusieurs simples qui se retrouvent sur Ça, un album francophone aux titres hétéroclites. Dan Moisan et Mosquito-B présentent un spectacle rétrospective des 20 dernières années de création de l’artiste dont la première est prévue pour le 23 février 2023 au Palais Montcalm de Québec.

Mosquito-B has performed 24 times in England and dozens of times in North America, opening acts for ABC, The Box, The Korgis, Saga, Sound Of Contact and LIve, among others.

Moisan has also had the honor of working with great players in the industry (Paul Northfield, Ray Staff, Jean-Pierre Isaac, Fred St-Gelais, Neil O’Connor).

Voici quelques titres en français



Here is the Use Less U album (©2016)



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